Q. How many interns do you need to participate in the event?
A. The 2019 Battle of the Interns will be comprised of teams of 10. Companies have the opportunity to include their entire intern program in the event.

Q. If I have more than 10 interns, can the other interns still come to the event?
A. Yes! Please contact Kayla Regan for pricing per team. After the competition, all interns will receive a ticket to attend Boston TechJam later that evening.

Q. Will food be served at the event for our interns?
A. Boston TechJam has a variety of food trucks that interns can take advantage of.

Q. Will our interns receive t-shirts for the event?
A. Yes, the interns participating  will receive t-shirts.  T-shirts can be picked up at registration at the start of the event.  There will be changing areas available at the venue.

Q. Is there a hashtag to talk about the event?
A. Of course! #internbattle

Q. Will our organization have access to the photos and video taken at the event for our own use?
A. Yes, absolutely!  We will post photos and video on this website at the conclusion of the event and encourage you to use them to promote your company’s culture.  We also encourage you to share any photo or video that you take at the event using #internbattle.

Q. Is there a deadline our organization has to sign up by?
A. Please contact Kayla Regan to determine if there is time to sign up for this years’ event.

Q. My team plans to bus our players to the event. Is that OK? 
A. Yes! You are welcome to bus your players, however we have to give the staff at the venue advanced notice.  If you do plan to bus, please notify Kayla Regan.